damaso ferreiro

Hiroshima University (Japan)

Dr. Damaso FERREIRO is an Assistant Professor at the Morito Institute of Global Higher  Education of Hiroshima University, where he teaches Japanese Literature and Japanese Language. His research focuses on the influence the Western classical tradition (specially the Greco-Roman Literature) had on the Modern Japanese Literature, with a specific focus on the way this influence affected the works of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. The reception of French, English and German Literature during Meiji and Taishō periods has been broadly explored by Japanese and Western researchers. However, despite the fact that during the same period classical authors such as Plato, Homer or Ovid were translated into Japanese and were read by the intellectual elite of the country, very few researchers have noticed the central role they played in shaping the literary panorama of the modern Japan. His PhD has been supported by the Yoneyama Rotary Scholarship.


Contact: damasof@hiroshima-u.ac.jp


MUTUAL IMAGES 7th International Worskhop (2019):

Painting East: Artistic Relations Between Japan and the West (Artists, Aesthetics, Artworks)


"Painting the west in the 20th century Japanese modern literature:

Akutagawa´s attitude towards the modernization of Japan seen through

the works of Gauguin and Renoir."