karim el mufti

Science-Po Beirut, Saint-Joseph University (Lebanon) and 

La Sagesse University (Lebanon)

Dr. Karim EL MUFTI is a professor of political science and international law. He teaches at Sciences-Po Beirut at the Saint-Joseph University, in addition to being the Director of the Human Rights Legal Clinic of La Sagesse University Law Faculty in Beirut. He is a graduate from Sciences-Po Aix-en-Provence in France and holds a PhD in political science from La Sorbonne University in Paris, having specialized in State-building processes in deeply divided societies, namely Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Today a senior researcher and advisor in political expertise and international law, Dr. El Mufti has been collaborating for the past 18 years with various local and international organizations, research centers and think tanks from the Arab region and abroad. He also continues to be very active within the Lebanese civil society on issues pertaining to human rights, youth empowerment and socioeconomic development.


MUTUAL IMAGES 7th International Worskhop (2019):

Painting East: Artistic Relations Between Japan and the West (Artists, Aesthetics, Artworks)


"Influence and Success of the Japanese Grendizer in the Arab World,

Mirror of Violence and Expectations for Generations of Arabs"