Northrop DAVIS

University of South Caroline (USA)

Northrop DAVIS is the author of the book Manga and Anime Go to Hollywood-- and a screenwriter-- and is now writer of his first manga (Japanese style comics) volume -- who teaches screenwriting, television writing and manga/anime studies. As writer, Davis has sold three Hollywood projects: his science fiction script to Warner Brothers and two pitches-- one to Columbia/Sony Studios and another to 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, both of which he subsequently wrote as screenplays. He has lectured at the Writers and the Directors Guilds of America, Duke University, Cal Arts, UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program, U.C. Irvine, and nine years at Anime Expo.



Japan Pop Culture Workshop (2017):

Japan Pop Goes Global: Japanese Pop Culture on Aesthetics and Creativity

Keynote Speaker: 

"Manga and Anime Go To Hollywood: The Amazing Rapidly Evolving Relationship Between Hollywood and Japanese Animation, Manga, Television and Film"