Hood christopher

 Cardiff University (UK)

Christopher HOOD is a Reader in Japanese Studies at Cardiff University. His research interests revolve around issues relating to transportation in Japan, particularly the shinkansen ('bullet train') and aviation. He is the author of Japan: The Basics (2015), Osutaka: A Chronicle of Loss in the World's Largest Single Plane Crash (2014), Dealing with Disaster in Japan: Responses to the Flight JL123 Crash (2012), Shinkansen: From Bullet Train to Symbol of Modern Japan (2006), and Education Reform in Japan: Nakasone's Legacy (2001). He was also the editor of the four volume collection The Politics of Modern Japan (2008), co-editor of Doing Business with the Japanese (2003) and author of the novel Hijacking Japan (2017). He is currently the President of the British Association for Japanese Studies. Homepage: https://hoodcp.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @HoodCP





MUTUAL IMAGES 6th International Workshop (2018):

Mediatised Images of Japan in Europe: Through the Media Kaleidoscope

Skills Workshop:

"Doing research in Japan"


Publications with Mutual Images Journal


Vol. 4 (Spring 2018):

Japan and Asia: Representations of Selfness and Otherness

Book review:"Rewriting History in manga: Stories for the nation – Nissim Otmazgin &

Rebecca Suter (Eds)" (p. 108-110)