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Check out our website or register to our mailing list to be informed of any future event. 

Scholars at all stages of their careers, as well as students with an interest in research, are welcome to submit a paper to Mutual Images or attend as an audience. 

Participation in Mutual Images workshops is free both for participants and audience (charges may apply for meals and other optional events, such as visits). 

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Publish with mutual images journal

become a project leader

Mutual Images Journal accepts spontaneous submissions for articles and reviews.


For more information on how to submit a paper, click here

You want to organise an event but you don't know how? We'd be happy to work with you. Mutual Images is organising workshops in host Universities all over the world.


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Mutual Images is running only with volunteers. If you want to be part of the team, check out all the differents ways you can help:  


If you want to read other peoples' work and are good in grammar and spelling, and preferably a native English-speaker, become a proof-reader;

 If you don't have so much time to give us but you are interested in reading the latest work in your field of research, become a peer-reviewer;

If you have experience with associations, skills in communication, IT, accounting, filling grant applications... help us run the association. 

Mutual Images events and publications are entirely free. We wish to keep it this way and make research available to all.


The association is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, there are organisational costs. So every little donation help us carry on with the organisation of events and publication of the journal.


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