International Summer School 2019



University of Messina

Messina (Italy), 16 – 19 July 2019

Scientific Director

Marco Pellitteri


Scientific Secretariat

Fabio Domenico Palumbo

Scientific Committee

Pierandrea Amato; Luisa Damiano; Maxime Danesin;

Manuel Hernández-Pérez; Paolo La Marca; Aurore Yamagata-Montoya.


The themes around which the summer school lectures rotate investigated the mediated and cultural representations between East Asia, Italy and Europe, with particular regard to Japan and China. The disciplinary fields upon which the event’s teaching and discussion slots were based were mainly literary studies, aesthetics, visual studies and cultural studies, and media sociology.


The general range of themes was furthermore informed by the growing importance of the inter-regional dynamics involving the cultural diplomacy between/among the considered regions and countries, and the role of the circulation of the creative industries’ output involved in the mutual receptions/perceptions of the national/cultural contexts at the centre of the school’s inter-disciplinary discussions and analyses.


16 July

08:30-08:50    Opening (Giuseppe Giordano, director of DiCam), Introduction: Japan, China, Europe. Challenges and methodological issues (Marco Pellitteri, director of the Summer School and Lectures)


08:50-09:50    Lesson 1   | Introduction: Japan, China, Europe. Challenges and methodological issues 

09:55-10:55    Lesson 2   | Japanese cinema and European philosophy: Deleuze, Mizoguchi, Ozu 

11:00-12:00    Lesson 3   | Chinese culture in Europe at the time of the Italian Jesuit missionaries 

12:00-13:45    Lunch break

13:50-14:50    Lesson 4   | Chinese contemporary thought from the European perspective

14:55-15:55    Lesson 5   | Japanese literature and Euro-American contexts

15:55-16:15    Break

16:15-17:15    Lesson 6   | Japan’s soft power, fictional characters, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

17:20-18:20    Lesson 7   | Chinese pop music in the Italian context

18:20-18:30    Conclusion of the day


17 July

08:30-09:30    Lesson 8   | Images of Europe in manga and anime / 1. WWII in Europe

09:35-10:35    Lesson 9   | Visualising the verbal or verbalising the visual? The 798 Art District, part 1

10:40-11:40    Lesson 10 | Montage and visual storytelling of China: the 798 Art District, part 2

11:45-13:15    Lunch break

13:20-14:20    Lesson 11 | Western technology and Japanese “spirit” in robotics and philosophy

14:35-15:35    Lesson 12 | Diaspora and Chinese migrants in Italy

15:35-15:55    Break

16:00-17:00    Lesson 13 | Artificial intelligence trends and its impact on business and society

17:05-18:05    Lesson 14 | Artificial intelligence and digital humanities: a Pandora box ready to be exploited

18:05-18:15    Conclusion of the day


18 July

08:30-09:30    Lesson 15 | Opposite images of China in Italy: traditional medicine and comics

09:35-10:35    Lesson 16 | Images of Europe in manga and anime / 2. Spain and UK

10:35-10:55    Break

10:55-11:55    Lesson 17 | Images of Europe in manga and anime / 3. Italy

11:55-12:55    Lesson 18 | Anime pilgrimages: Japanese tourists travelling to Europe

12:55-14:30    Lunch break

14:30-15:30    Lesson 19 | Organising exhibitions on Japanese art overseas: the case of the Netherlands B

15:35-16:35    Lesson 20 | Closing remarks on China, Italy, Europe, Japan in media strategies

16:35-17:00    Pre-exam break

17:00-18:30    Open-book exam

18:30-18:40    Conclusion of the day


19 July

08:30-18:30    Excursion to Giardini Naxos and Taormina


❖  Tiziana Lippiello, Ph.D., Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Vice-Rector, Department of Asian and North African Studies, full professor.


❖  Luisa Damiano, Ph.D., University of Messina, DiCAM, Chair of Philosophy of Science, associate professor.


❖  Noriko Hiraishi, Ph.D., University of Tsukuba, associate professor.


❖  Fabrizio Renzi, MBA, Director of the Research-Innovation-Technology division at IBM Italia, Milan,



❖  Massimiliano Fusari, Ph.D., University of Westminster, senior lecturer.


❖  Manuel Hernández-Perez, Ph.D., University of Hull, Faculty of Arts, Cultures and Education, School of

Arts, lecturer.


❖  Rik Spanjers, Ph.D., University of Utrecht, lecturer.

❖  Paolo La Marca, Ph.D., University of Catania, Chair of Languages and Literatures of Japan and Korea,

adjunct professor.


❖  Fabio Domenico Palumbo, Ph.D., University of Messina, DiCAM, collaborator of the Chair of



❖  Francesco Serratore, Ph.D., Shanghai School of Music. Post-doc researcher.


❖  Marco Pellitteri, Ph.D., Shanghai International Studies University, School of Journalism and

Communication, lecturer.

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